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Companies competing in long-term growth and fast-paced industries alike are subject to the same tasking challenges; sourcing the right people for the right job.

Regardless of which model your company follows, Duke is committed to identifying, tracking and placing the best candidates, not only for the roles in which they will excel, but making sure that the roles offered by your company meet the needs and criteria of those who seek them. We are specialized in hiring people with disabilities. 

Board Sourcing


Duke has been proficient for many years in sourcing and / or facilitating transitions to boards, and in as much as our success rate has remained high, the experience our candidates have changed dramatically.

Boards are no longer looking for directors being pulled in all kinds of directions and fewer board demands seem to be the trend and previous board experience is more highly prized.

If you feel you have something to offer to a board with a open position or one in an industry in which you excel, please contact us.


Duke provides its clients with creative and strategic initiatives, implementation support and execution oversight; elements of a complete package designed to assist companies in navigating murky and fast flowing waters.

For a company to meet the demands of fast changing markets and organic consumer demands requires the ability to parry and thrust rapidly and with precision.

Duke helps clients aggregate interdepartmental corporate strategies to manage and modulate effectively.

Disability jobs search Experts

We are not only helping people with disabilities to find jobs, we are also helping fair and inclusive workplaces to offer disability friendly jobs to disabled workers. Because Employment for people with disabilities is our priority.

We are expert when it comes to find jobs for people with disabilities

Why us

We disabled skilled people, we have the experience when it comes to disability jobs and employment.

Working with us is working with skilled disabled people that have all the expertise your company need to offer disability friendly jobs.

What we are offering

Since our team is made of people with disability, we are using our experience and skills to help other people with disabilities to find suitable jobs. With us you can easily search jobs for people with disability that will fit with your needs and skills.



There are many disability jobs available everywhere in the US but also online. As expert in finding jobs for people with disabilities and general employment for people with disabilities, we are providing companies and individuals with advice when it comes to recruiting but also searching for jobs for people with disability.